About the project is a non-profit project with primary purpose is to promote chemistry in educative and entertaining way. There are only two of us continuously working on this, but if it weren’t for help of many others this idea would have never seen the daylight.

In the following passages we will try to introduce ourselves, as well as to give you a brief description of our project and intentions. It is our enthusiastic idea to show that chemistry, as an exact science, can be appealing and entertaining to a broad audience and visually inspiring to future chemists, as well as teachers and demonstrators.

After a few years of experience in performing demonstration chemistry experiments we decided to record them, thus making the videos available online. A lot of time and energy have been invested in order to find an original way to perform and film the experiments.

Our idea is to make a database of entertaining yet educational chemistry experiments, that will consist of +300 chemistry videos followed by detailed “behind the scene” explanations. Also we plan to keep adding more videos in the future, in regard to our time, interest we manage to rise and any help me might encounter.

The aim of this project is to popularize chemistry and to bring science closer and more understandable and fun for everyone. Experience taught us that the experiments followed by long applause were done in an unusual or nonstandard lab-environment, so that’s how we tried to record them. Chemistry demonstrations hold an important role in teaching. Visually attractive they are tempting students to ask for an explanation, and as such are a great teaching aid. Each experiment has a detailed explanation of chemical or physical phenomena that are responsible for the specific macroscopic effects of the experiment.

Experiments on this website are organized in several groups (atomic structure, clock reactions, organic chemistry, etc.) in order to make navigation easier, although the sharp difference between these groups does not exist. If you are interested in a specific experiment, regardless have you seen it on youtube previously or not, try using the search engine on our site.

A large portion of experiments shown on this website requires the use of highly toxic and flammable chemicals, or such products are formed during the reactions, so we recommend you not to conduct them on your own or without the supervision of a qualified professional. We do not take any responsibility for accidents or injuries that might occur if trying to conduct any of these experiments on your own. Demonstrations described are suggested to be carried out by chemical professionals and teachers, interested in the instructional use of video material. We assume that qualified professionals are familiar with chemical properties as well as characteristics of materials involved or used in these demonstrations.

This site will be continuously upgraded, and you can follow chemtoddler profile on youtube for additional video material.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about this project, please fill free to contact us. Also if you would like to participate or just give a feedback how to develop or integrate new concept you are welcome to comment on us.

Beside our continuous work and commitment, we are grateful to all who have been supporting our efforts, working with us or just cheerleading from aside.

We would like to express our gratitude to Serbian Chemical Society for their continued help and outstanding support. Taking into consideration that SCS is one of the oldest scientific societies in Europe it is an honor that they recognized our efforts. Also, special thanks to Krypton System for building the first pages of our website. This event wouldn't have been a success without them!

We would also take this opportunity to mention others who worked with us, or helped in some way.

Camera: Nesko Uskokovic and Milan Kostic from Verticalmedia

Music: S.A.R.S.: Budjav lebac, Rakija; Kompromis 69: Djurdjevdan; Drum’n’Zez: Aubaba; Mistakemistake & Vukashin: Concentrate

We are grateful to Philip Evans for granting us the permission to use his picture database for building up the periodic table. Pictures of elements used for the periodic table were partially taken from his album.

In the pictures bellow and throughout the site you will be able to see us in some situations while preparing the material for this project, but also in other “more common” environment. A lot of light moments during our work, unsuccessful experiments, “waiting to happen” experiments, situations in which one of us is nervous, sleepy, energy low, can not stop laughing, singing or just joking will be the last moments to publish :)

We are Filip Bihelovic and Marijeta Savic.

 We look forward to your feedback!

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